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How fast can hybrid bikes go?

Hybrid bikes are a combination of road bikes and mountain bikes which means you get speed from the road bike and off-roading from the mountain bike, but exactly how fast can hybrid bikes go?

The average speed of a hybrid bike is around 13 mp/h to 19 mp/h (21 km/p to 30 km/p) depending on the type of riding surface, rider weight, and fitness level. (I will explain more later)

In this article, I will explain how fast can hybrid bikes go, I will discuss why riding surfaces, the rider’s fitness level, and the components on the bike have an impact on the speed of the bike, not only that we will compare road bikes and mountain bikes to hybrid bikes and will find out which one is faster and why is it faster than another, so stick with me.

What is the average speed of a hybrid bike?

The average speed of a hybrid bike is around 13 mp/h to 19 mp/h, it mainly depends on factors like terrain type, gears in hybrid bikes, and power output from the rider.

Hybrid bikes are great for commuting or leisure riding because they are easier to ride in traffic and provide a smooth experience compared to traditional bicycles.

But when it comes to speed there is always room for increasing the speed, but not all hybrid bikes can go faster and I will explain why.

To go faster in hybrid bikes you need to have at least 7×1 gears or more is better, and having fenders, racks, bottle holders, and kickstands, will only add more weight to the bike and it will make it slower.

Am not saying you should remove all these features fro

m your bike, but if going faster in your hybrid bike is your priority then you should consider removing these components, and this will make the bike lighter and faster.

Which is faster, a Road bike or a Hybrid bike?

The average speed of road bikes is 15 to 22 mp/h, and the average speed of hybrid bikes is around 13 to 19 mp/h, road bikes are faster than hybrid bikes.

Three reasons why road bikes are faster than hybrid bikes:

Frames and Wheels: Road bike frames are made of carbon fiber which is very light and robust, and expensive too, The frameset is specifically built for speed and performance, and the geometry allows the rider to go faster than any other bike, and talking about tires generally all modern road bikes comes with 700c tires with varying from 23 mm to 32 mm these tires are built to ride in paved roads.

Gears: Typically all road bikes have 8 to 12 sprockets on the cassette and 2 to 3 chainrings on the crankset, which allows the rider to go up to 40 mp/h, Let’s say  1, 2, 3, the lower the gear the more pedal spins means while uphill climbs you have to use gears, mid-range gears like 4, 5, 6, used in flat roads and 7,8 up downhill to maximize the speed, professional cyclist Todd Reichert has been able to reach 51 mp/h (82 km/h) it is the official record for the fastest speed of a road bike ever. (source)

Purpose Of Build: The main purpose of a road bike was to maximize speed to a carbon fiber frame, with gears and aerodynamic features, to reach maximum speed for a cyclist, in simple words road bikes are race bikes.

On the other hand, while hybrid bikes offer versatility and comfort, they generally lack the aerodynamic advantages and lighter weight found in road bikes. 

Though hybrids boast wider tires that provide enhanced stability and shock absorption on rough terrains, these characteristics ultimately hinder their maximum speed potential. 

Therefore, if you prioritize speed and efficiency, investing in a road bike would undoubtedly be the better choice.

Are hybrid bikes faster than mountain bikes?

The average speed of mountain bikes is 10 to 15 mp/h (16 to 24 km/p) and the average speed of hybrid bikes is 13 mp/h to 19 mp/h (21 to 30 km/h), yes Hybrid bikes can go faster than mountain bikes falts terrains.

While hybrid bikes are often seen as faster than mountain bikes, the truth is that they can actually be slower depending on the terrain you are riding on. 

Hybrid bike proponents claim that their design allows for a more nimble and responsive ride, while mountain bike enthusiasts state that hybrids have a harder time climbing hills due to their wider tires.

In mountain bikes, it is easier to ride in rough off-roads of rocks, humps, jumps, and turns but you can’t do the same with hybrid bikes simply because hybrids are not built for that purpose.

 Hybrid bikes will go faster than mountain bikes on flat surfaces, but when it comes to off-roading uphill climbs, or downhill descends mountain bikes are faster.

What makes a hybrid bike slower than a road bike?

A hybrid bike is technically a road bike that has been adapted for use on trails. 

They are designed with a wider tire to provide grip and stability on the pavement, as well as traction in muddy or wet conditions. 

Additionally, they typically have higher-quality components than an average mountain bike, which makes them more capable of off-roading than road bikes.

However, hybrids are not always faster than road bikes due to their special design. In fact, depending on the terrain you’re riding on and your skills as a rider, you may actually be slower going uphill.

Components that make a Hybrid bike slower than a road bike:

Handlebars: Hybrid bikes have flat handlebars which only allow the rider to ride in one position which is an upright position.

The geometry of the bike: The geometry of a hybrid bike is built for comfort and not for speed, Hybrid bikes offer leisurely riding with an upright riding position, a hybrid bike is built with comfort in mind whereas road bikes are designed to be faster and more efficient.

Gears: Generally, hybrid bikes come with 7×1 gears meaning 7 sprockets in cassette and 1 in chainring which means on flat roads there will be no more than 7 gears to go faster, whereas road bike typically has 14 × 2 gears meaning 14 sprockets in cassette and 2 in chainring giving some much room for speed and efficiency, and in road bike it much easier to climb uphill because of the gears.

How to make your hybrid bike faster?

There are a few things that you can do. 

First, make sure that the gears are in the right range and that the chain is properly lubricated. 

Second, you can remove unnecessary components like the bottle holder, fenders, rack, and kickstands, If you have a significant seat change it smaller and lighter seat just like a road bike, this should reduce some weight off the bike.

Third, practice often, It doesn’t matter what bike you ride if you lack the fitness and stamina to pedal harder you won’t go faster even on road bikes, so you need to build your fitness level by practicing as much as possible, the goof part about this is if you have extra body fat that you like to burn than this might be the best opportunity for you to practice more.

Lastly, ensure that your tires are inflated at the appropriate pressure and have enough air to not lose shape. If going faster in the hybrid bike is your top goal then you best invest in an aerodynamic wheel rim or headset cover to help reduce drag and increase speed.

By following these tips, you should be able to achieve positive results quickly.


In conclusion, the speed of hybrid bikes can vary depending on various factors such as the rider’s fitness level, terrain, road conditions, and the bike’s design and components. However, on average, hybrid bikes can reach speeds of 13 to 19 miles per hour (21 to 30 kilometers per hour) on flat surfaces with moderate effort from the rider.

Key points to consider when determining how fast a hybrid bike can include:

  1. Rider’s fitness level: A more fit and experienced cyclist will generally be able to achieve higher speeds compared to a beginner or less physically active rider.
  1. Terrain: The type of terrain you are riding on will impact your speed. Flat surfaces allow for faster speeds compared to hilly or uneven terrains that may require more effort and slower speeds.
  1. Road conditions: Smooth roads with minimal obstacles provide ideal conditions for achieving higher speeds. Rough or gravelly roads may slow down your pace.
  1. Bike design and components: The design and components of a hybrid bike can influence its speed capabilities. Factors such as frame material, tire width, gear ratios, and overall weight can impact how efficiently the bike moves and how fast it can go.

It is important to note that while hybrid bikes are versatile and suitable for various purposes including commuting, recreational riding, or light off-road adventures, they are not designed for high-speed racing like road bikes or specialized performance bicycles.