Hi there, welcome to cycling auto, my name is Rajesh PS, I am passionate about cycling, and I love gaining more knowledge and doing research on cycles, and sharing it with you guys.

I rode a bicycle every day for 9 years straight because I was a newspaper boy, every day I used to wake up at 5 am and take my hybrid bike to work, there is not a single day in my 9 years of being a newspaper boy that I didn’t like riding my cycle, every day I would feel more recreational and the joy of riding a cycle that I couldn’t get enough.

This is how I started to learn and do more research and gain more knowledge about cycles on the market, all I want to do is to help other cycling enthusiasts like me to solve their problems regarding their cycles or bikes (whichever you prefer) through this website.

My story (how I feel in love with cycles)

I learned to ride a cycle when I was 15 years old, yep, you might be thinking that’s too late to learn but it is true, but ever since then I am taking my bike out for a ride without knowing the destination where I want to go, and I decide the destination after I get on the road.

Somehow I absolutely fell in love with riding cycles in the process, even when I see expensive nice looking motorbikes and cars passing by me I still don’t feel attractive as I would feel when i see road cyclers riding by me.

I feel like there is really something in riding a cycle that I couldn’t get enough of, everytime I take my cycle out for a ride I come back with so much joy on my face and in heart, it’s like when an unexpected good thing happens to you out of the blue where can’t express that feeling to someone, that how I feel when riding a bicycle.

Couple of times i went 120 km ride just to eat biriyani, and the biriyani was ok, but the ride was awesome and so satisfying at the end of the ride.

Sometimes I meet professional cyclers on my way, they are on their expensive carbon frame road bikes with all the gears and accessories, we usually exchange a few words as I’ll ask them where they are headed or how much the cost of their bike, stuff like that, we talk for a couple of meters and they will carry on their way.

what is cycling auto is all about

cycling auto is webpage on which i answer the questions realting to cycles and it’s accessorise.

my goal is to become more helpful to the cycling enthusiasts across the world to solve their problems regarding their bikes and accessories.

I do my uttermost to give the best possible answer on the internet for particular question so my readers can get what they are looking for, and i am glad to be born in this generation where internet is at its peak, so i can be helpful for all the passionate cycling enthusiasts around the world, thanks to the internet.

Thanks for stopping by, and taking few minitues of your precious time to get to know me.