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Are Cheap Walmart Fixed Gear bikes worth buying?

When you are getting a bike for low as 100$, there is not much you can expect from that bike.

Yes, Walmart bikes are cheaper and everybody can afford them but is it durable, long-lasting, can you use them for rough use, is the bike heavy, tons of questions comes into the picture.

Walmart bikes are great for people who are starting to learn biking or in a beginner level of riding bikes. Walmart bikes are durable to some point but in the price range, you are paying for the bike, expecting more from Walmart fixie bikes may disappoint you.

Is it really worth buying it?

Yes, Walmart fixed gear bikes are worth buying if your budget is 100$ to 150$, or if you starting to get used to fixed gear bikes, and you are not a regular rider but you ride often, then Walmart bikes perfectly suit you, you might find problems like low-quality components, loose installation of components, and only one size bike frame regardless of your height, Walmart bike are good for transportation but it comes with some sacrifice on parts of the bike.

The majority of fixie bikes from Walmart come with a single frame size, this makes it harder for you to ride the bike if you are over 5.10ft to 6ft the bike frame is likely to constrain your riding experience.

Facts about Walmart cheap fixed gear bikes

  • Usually, 100$ fixed gear bike weighs on average of 30 pounds (13.6), normal bikes weigh in around 20 to 25 pounds (9 to 11.3 kg)
  • Regardless of your height, a Walmart cheap fixie bike gives one frame size option but it is rideable. (not for long-distance on regular basis)
  • After riding 100 to 200 miles(160 to 320 km) the bike starts to give problems like the chain might fall off, making you feel like you are riding a tank on uphill roads.
  • For 100$ bikes the components are made of low-quality material not durable in long run, sometimes pedals are even made out of plastic coating.

Bottom line answer

100$ to 200$ for a fixed gear bike is an affordable price when you want a bike for just transport from one place to another, you can’t ask for better than this, at this price range.

But you need to compromise on components of the bike and riding experience, except that, these Walmart bikes are great and pretty cheap too.

If you are looking for better quality components and an awesome riding experience then 100$ Walmart fixie is not for you, buying in the price range of 300$ to 500$ will better suit your riding style.

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    How long does Walmart fixed gear bikes usually last? 

    When you invest 100$ or 150$ in a bike you expect it to be of some use to you, or at least you hope it may last a couple of years. Walmart fixed gear bikes lack durability and quality components, these factors affect the weight of the bike causing it to be heavier.

    On average, Walmart fixed gear bikes can give you 100 to 150 miles of riding without major technical problems, if you are upgrading components as they wear off it may extend to even 400 to 500 miles but it depends on you how you ride, how often you ride, and how well you keep up with maintenance. 

    Some people have used Walmart fixed gear bikes for more than 650 miles  (1050 km) with upgrading some low-quality components, some people have found tons of problems after riding 100 miles.

    So it really depends on the bike company you buy from, frame material, bike components, in order to get a long-lasting lifespan out of the cheap bikes.

    Now the point here is, how much can you get out of 100$ bikes? if you are willing to upgrade occasionally, giving regular maintenance to your bike, Walmart cheap bikes can come in handy and it is more than enough for anybody who just wants a bike to travel short distances.


    Who shouldn’t buy a fixie from Walmart?

    If your budget is more than 250$

    You shouldn’t buy fixed gear from Walmart if you have a budget of more than 250$, with that price range you can buy good durable bikes like:

    Golden Cycles single speed/fixed gear bike

    Golden cycles single speed/fixie bike

    6KU Track Fixed gear with aluminum frame

    6KU Track Fixed gear with aluminum frame


    Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

    Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike

    These bikes are more durable, come with high-quality components, and are long-lasting too, compared to the above-mentioned bikes they have way better quality than cheaper bikes you can buy in Walmart.

    Don’t buy from Walmart, if the bike is the main source of transportation for you

    If you Consider Walmart bike as your main purpose of transportation bike, that can lead you to be stuck on the highway calling for a ride. (that sucks)

    Buying cheap bikes from Walmart as your main cycle might not be a good idea for you, cheap bikes won’t be held up like a 500$ fixie bike would, Walmart cheap bikes are not good for riding in all terrains, how well you manage to ride your bike, how rough you use your bike, these bikes are not built to survive this type of use of a bike.

    Are Walmart fixed gear bikes safe to ride? 

    You can ride Walmart cheap fixed gear bikes safely, Walmart bikes can at least hold up for 100 miles without giving you any technical issues, sometimes components on fixed gear bikes are made of plastic even though they can handle your weight, and can give you basic durability that you bought for 100 bucks, its good for riding 10 to 15 miles every day.

    The quality of fixed gear bikes from Walmart is not so good, the components that come with Walmart bikes are not durable but what more can you expect from 100$ Walmart fixie bike.

    By upgrading components on your fixie after you bought from Walmart it can definitely be much safer than before.

    The only problem that you can expect from Walmart fixed gear bikes is that chain might fall off after a couple of miles of the ride, but you can fix it, that is the only problem that can lead you to not benign safe on cheap fixed gear bikes from Walmart.

    If the chain falls off while you are riding downhill and you don’t have brakes to stop, then you might be in danger because you are without a chain on a fixie bike there is no other way to stop the bike so brakes are important on a fixie, install them.

    When you should buy a fixed gear bike from Walmart? 

    If your budget is 100$ 

    When you just have 100$ to spend on buying fixed gear what other better place than Walmart right, and also you don’t have many options at this price range.

    You can get your money-worth fixie bike from Walmart, it is reliable for 100$ you are paying, and it might not be the fastest, most durable, lightweight bike you have ridden but it can perform at beginners level.

    You don’t plan for a long ride on the bike 

    When you have no plans to ride long distances on the Walmart cheap fixie bike then you can definitely buy from Walmart.

    Walmart’s cheap fixie is not reliable for long-distance riding, it is not durable like other fixie bikes but for the price you are paying it can get from one place to another.

    If you are a beginner and you are just getting started bicycle riding

    Walmart fixed gear is best if you are just starting to ride a bicycle, and you are a beginner in riding fixie then Walmart fixie is totally worth buying.  

    As a beginner, you won’t be having much knowledge of fixed gear bikes or whole bicycles themselves, so it is better to buy cheap ones and get some experience as you learn and experience new things from riding a fixie bike.

    What problems with fixie bikes you can expect when you buy from Walmart?

    Chain falling off after a couple of miles of riding 

    The most common problem that you can face is the chain falling off, it is common that if you do not install the back wheel of the bike properly, and if the axel is not fit in dropouts then chain tension will be loose, this is what causes the chain to fall off in new cheap fixed gear bikes.

    To solve this problem, when installing the rear wheel make sure the axel is placed in dropouts properly and loosen both side nuts of your back wheel and hold one side nut and tighten the other side of the wheel by pulling the rear wheel in middle to have the perfect chain tension you want.

    Parts are loosely assembled 

    Straight out of the box fixed gear is not properly assembled, and some parts of the bike are not held firmly to the bike you have to make sure every component is fit perfectly.

    It is always a good option to install all the bike components yourself while riding your bike you don’t want the parts to fall off which can be dangerous.

    A cheap fixed gear bike comes with one size frame

    The brands which sell in Walmart for low prices only built bikes by wheel size and not by frame size even though it is the most important aspect of a bicycle, everybody has a different body type, differ in weight and height, frames helps you choose the right bike for you, so you can ride without feeling pressure on your back and legs.

    The bike is heavier than a normal bike

    The average weight of a bike is around 20 to 25 pounds (9 to 11.5 kg) but the Walmart cheap fixed gear can weigh anywhere between 25 to 30 pounds, which is considered a heavy bike.

    Components are made of low-quality materials

    The components of the bike are made out of plastic and the frame might be steel or aluminum but heavy ones, after riding a couple of 100 miles you need to upgrade components for sure, it can increase durability, and overall lifespan a cheap fixie bike.

    Is buying an expensive fixed gear bike from Walmart a Good idea?

    Walmart sells fixed gear bikes from 100$ to 500$ some are known brands you can trust and there are other brands that you never heard of before which cost 400$ or 500$, buying a fixie from unknown brands can lead to many problems in the bike.

    When you are willing to spend more than 300$ on a fixed gear bike, it is better to buy from know brands, from which you can expect durability, good quality components, and all over a good bike that lasts for a long time.

    The final answer, when your budget is over 300$ you have more options to buy a good durable bike, buying a bike for more than 300$ from Walmart is not worth form the price, you can buy ever better than a bike for that price.

    How Walmart can afford to sell cheap bikes?

    Walmart is known to sell cheaper priced products because they can produce and sell in large units, which cost less than producing fewer number goods and selling them.

    In layman’s terms if you produce and sell a huge number of units, then the price is likely to be less, but if you try to produce and sell a few products the price of the product is basically in a high range because manufacturing in large quantity reduces the cost of products manufacturing.

    Considering Walmart sells a whopping 75 million different product types so it is easy for Walmart to sell bikes for cheap prices with low manufacturing costs and with huge demand from customers.


    Final thoughts, Buy a Walmart cheap fixed gear bike if you are a beginner to riding a fixie, you are on budget of 100$, or you just need a basic fixie bike to travel a short distance then Walmart bike servers you more than enough to carry daily activities on the bike.

    If you have a budget of over 300$ 

    if you plan to keep the bike as your main mode of transportation 

    If you want a better riding experience from a fixed gear bike that has good quality components too.

    Then buying from Walmart is not worth it.

    key takeaways

    • Walmart’s cheap fixed gear is good if you are a beginner or have a 100$ budget to buy fixed gear
    • You can easily ride up to 100 to 150 miles on a Walmart fixed gear bike, without any issue.
    • If your budget is more than 250$, or if you want a buy a bike for main transportation, then don’t buy from Walmart.
    • Chain falling off, parts might be loosely assembled, only one frame size available, the bike will be heavier, low-quality components on the bike, these are problems you can expect from Walmart cheap fixed gear bikes.
    • Don’t buy expensive fixed gear bikes from Walmart.
    • Walmart manufactures and sell in large units, that is how they can afford to sell cheap bikes.


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