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Riding a fixie in the rain? (Things you should know)

Riding a fixed-gear bike gets a little slippery when you are riding in the rain, fixed gear bike tires are not meant to ride in wet conditions, changing to gravel tires helps you to stick to the road.

Some people ride in the rain regularly, the only problems they might get from time to time are old tires, and not being dressed according to the rain.

Riding fixed gear in rain can be dangerous but it is possible, you need to change tires to gravel tires and wear rain jackets, and safety equipment, having brakes on your fixie helps you to stop the bike safely.

There are some downsides to riding fixie in rain, riding any bike in the rain gets dangerous if you slip on the highway and there is a car behind it can get pretty dangerous, so when it is raining try to ride your fixie on empty roads where there are not much moving vehicle and pedestrians.

Most people say riding fixed gear in rain is the most fun they had ever because you can do all kinds of tricks with more ease since slippery and wet. 

Are fixed gear good in rainy conditions?

Riding fixed gear bikes in the rain is not the same as riding in dry conditions. The first thing to keep in mind is that fixed gear bikes tires were not designed to ride in the rain. 

While they are certainly capable of handling light rain, you want to avoid riding your bike in the rain if at all possible. This is because rain can cause your tires to become slick which can make you lose control of your bike, and trust me you don’t want to control your bike on highways.

No, riding a fixie in the rain can be dangerous, and it is not a suitable ride for everybody, but if have some emergency errands to run and you only have a fixie then of course you can use but it is not recommended.

Even though keeping these things in mind, lots of people still choose to ride fixed gear in the rain they might find it amusing and fun.

But the majority of people choose not to unless they really want to go somewhere, if you want to ride then off course you can, but avoiding riding fixie in rain is always a safe option.

Can you ride brakeless on wet roads?

Yes, you can ride a fixed-gear bike with no brakes on wet roads, fixed bikes have no brakes so you can ride them on wet roads, you can brake with your feet and also with your hand.

Changing to gravel tires on your fixed bikes gives you a good grip in rain because of their tires, in case of emergency you can make your fixed bike drift, if the road is wet with rain then you can ride a brakeless fixed bike on it.

But if the road is wet with rain and is also slippery from rain then you should not ride your fixed bike on it.

In simple words having brakes can help you in unpredictable situations, brakes might save you from getting hurt and it is important to have them on all the bikes, without brakes you are hoping to stop from the pedals which takes some time and effort to learn those skills but it is not that impossible.

Is it safe to ride a fixie in the rain?

Riding fixie in the rain can be fun, but it also comes with some risks. If you are not careful, you can slip off your bike and get hurt. But, if you know how to ride your fixie safely in the rain, you can have a lot of fun. First of all, you should change your tires to gravel tires.

No, it is not safe to ride fixed gear bikes in the rain because there is more chance of you getting hurt in the rain due to slippery roads, so wearing all the safety equipment you can ride, but is not recommended.

When riding in rain chances of you getting hurt is more, but it can get worse so try to avoid as much as possible.

If it is an emergency errand you must run, then wear all the safety equipment including rain jackets, try to ride at as moderate speed as possible, and you must install brakes on your bike in case if any sudden situation occurs.

Do you need fenders in the rain?

Yes, you need a fender while you are riding fixie in the rain, the fender covers you from water that splashes from back tires.

I have ridden my bike in the rainy season without fenders. After a couple of minutes, you will realize your whole backside is covered in mud and dirt water, and trust me that doesn’t look cool.

Even though Fenders are not that expensive, you can buy fenders off amazon for 10$, you don’t have to buy expensive fenders just to cover from water splash, any fender can do the same job.

There are different variety of fenders available but to be honest it really doesn’t matter just buy a simple fender that can fully cover your tires.


Riding fixie in rain is not suitable for all the riders, it depends on the terrain, tires of the bike, and the area you want to ride, consider that it adds to your fixed gear bike riding experience too.

You must wear all the safety equipment like a helmet, shoes, rain jacket, it is compulsory to ride in rain conditions, due to tires of the fixed gear bike the bikes can get really slippery, so wearing all safety equipment helps you to cover and give you max protection.

You must install brakes on your fixed gear when you are about to ride in rainy weather, brakes can help you stop the bike instantly, if you are a type of rider who likes to stop fixie by pedal stop, your chances of getting hurt will increase

When you are riding in the rain you cannot depend on pedal stoppage because of the wet slippery surface when you skid the bike it is hard to stop in the shortest distance, this can become dangerous when you should stop instantly.

Now you know that riding fixed gear on wet roads is not safe, especially when you are riding a fixed gear bike, your bike is more likely to skid on a wet surface, so wearing a helmet, shoes, or rain jacket can cover from that.

Key takeaways

  • Riding fixed gear bike is not safe on wet surfaces
  • You should install brakes on your fixie bike
  • A fender and rain jacket are important if you want to ride in the rain
  • If it is so important for you to ride in the rain, you can but it’s not safe