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Is Fixed Gear Bike Dangerous? All You Need To Know

If you are new to the fixie bike by watching others riding fixed gear bikes the first question that comes to people’s minds is a fixie bike dangerous to ride

Yes and no, if you are new to riding a fixie bike, it can be dangerous in the beginning till you build the brain memory of how to handle the bike properly but it takes some practice, and no because you can always use brakes on a fixie bike to slow down even when you can’t control the bike in certain situations.

Fixie is the only bike that has a unique way of stoping the bike, in this article I will cover why fixie is dangerous, what makes them dangerous, and how to prevent them from accidents.

How to ride a fixied gear bike properly?

I suggest you go to the parking lot or empty fields where there are no people or pedestrians 

Before you start always wear a helmet, shoes for your safety 

First, lift the bike back wheel and get your pedal in position, so when you are ready to ride, the pedal will be in a perfect position for you to start pedaling

Second, take your right leg across the bike and put on the right pedal, in the beginning always use clipped pedals

Third, sit on the bike and start pedaling slowly, and fixed-gear cogs are fixed to the back wheel when you pedal the bike will move forward, if you padel your bike backward it will go backward

Fourth, find your cadence don’t try to pedal hard, keep it slow when you feel like you can take more speed than you pedal at moderate face 

Fifth, next try to hold the pedal to stop the bike it will put pressure on the back wheel and force the back wheel to skid but don’t try to go over 8 miles per hour in the beginning 

And there you have it, you know have successfully driven a fixed gear bike (it’s not a rocket since is it)

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How to stop a fixie bike with brakes?

Like any other bike,  you hit the brakes when you want to stop and the bike will stop I suggest if you are new to riding a fixed gear bike you must have both front and back brakes so you don’t hurt yourself and always ride with a helmet and safety guard on.

How to stop your fixie bike without brakes?

This is an important skill that you need to learn if you are riding a fixie bike, which is learning how to stop a fixie bike without the brakes.

To stop a fixed gear bike you have to stop pedaling, the pedal should be in a horizontal line that locks up your rear wheel causing your bike to skid gently and slow down the speed, this is how you skid stop in a fixed gear bike.

To do this you have to be at least at some speed to do a skidding stop on a fixie, Stopping a fixed gear bike needs some practice to successfully do it on the road. But once you get to know how it works then it will be hard for you to resist riding fixie regularly.

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Is a fixied bike good for senior riders?

Yes, it is safe for seniors to ride a fixed gear bike if they have some experience riding before but always have both front and back breaks attached to the bike, in case you can’t handle your bike in certain situations.

Some people just love to ride fixed gear bike regardless of their age because fixed gear bike gives you a feeling like no other bike can give. 

How to prevent accidents on fixie bikes?

  • Practice riding your fixie bike on an empty field so you can build confidence as well as skills to go on a road 

  • At the beginning of learning a fixed gear bike always have both brakes, when you have the confidence to ride without brakes you can remove it, but I suggest always having a front brake can save you a bit of trouble.
  • Wear helmet, shoes, elbow guard, gloves, safety comes first 
  • When you are in a downhill area try not to go more than 18 ml hr so you can have controllable speed.

Common mistake to avoid on a fixie bike

Buying a cheap fixed gear bikes 

If you buy a fixed gear bike thinking it is cheap and low maintenance, yes it true but often cheap bike are more likely to take more maintenance time, cheap bikes are heavy compared to a few higher priced fixed gear bike.

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Buying a wrong size bike 

The most common mistake cycle rider do is to buy a wrong size bike, This chart helps you to pick the right size bike for your height.

Riding your fixed gear with the low saddle height 

The problems of riding your bike with low saddle height are:

  1. It makes you feel sluggish while riding
  2. You feel more pressure on your keens, since you can’t fully stretch your legs.
  3. Consume more energy with uncomfartabe position

Practice riding with brakes on your fixed gear bike

In the begging riding a fixed gear bike always have your front brakes attached, brakes prevent you from getting hurt. 

You can remove your brakes when you can stop your bike at any terrain at any speed, till then always have the brakes on.

Always have red lights on the back of the bike

While riding any bike for that matter it is compulsory to have red safety lights at the back of your bike under the saddle and in front too, so you don’t get hit by a car while riding your bike at night.

Trying to stop fixed gear in high speed

The one thing that separate fixed gear bikes from rest of the bike is that rear wheel is always moving, which means you always have to keep on pedaling 

When you try to stop fixed gear by skiding the back tire, you are applying pressure on pedals to stop, which you do when your pedals are in horizontal pistons.

Often what happens is when you try to stop it the rear wheel pushs you up, it may cause you to fall down 


So far i have explained how fixed gear bikes are dangerous and what are proper ways you can take to prevent getting yourself hurt.

Now that you know fixed gear bike are no more dangerous than any other bikes, but it takes pratice to get used to riding fixed gear, by having brakes attached it makes it less dangerous.

Fixed gear bikes are fun compared to other bike while riding because it gives you that full control on your speed and stoppage of your bike.

Anything can be dangerous when you know nothing about it, so try to practice as much before you start ridng on streets, it is better for you and to other peoples too.

Key take away

  • Riding with brakes on makes it safer to ride fixed gear bikes
  • Pratice riding with brakes before taking on highway or streets
  • Avoid common mistake that i mentioned above