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Fixed Gear or Single Speed Bikes? Which Gives You Better Workout!

There has never been an easy and more enjoyable way to lose weight than riding your favorite bike down the road, without feeling like an actual workout.

If you are wondering which bike helps you to lose more weight in less time, then you are in the right place, in this article I will compare fixed gear and single speed bike which is the best for you to lose weight in less time.

If you are comparing fixed gear bikes vs single speed bikes to lose more weight, both have the same effect on losing weight but fixie bikes have taken a step ahead when it comes to burning calories.

Do fixed bikes burn more calories?

A person weighing 155 pounds (70 kg) Riding a single-speed bike for 30 minutes at a moderate pace of 14 miles per hour can burn up to 260 calories, and the same person riding a fixed gear bike for 30 minutes can burn 300 calories or more depend on how vigorously you are pedaling on your fixie bike, and yes fixie bike burns more calories than other bikes.

When it comes to choosing to ride a fixie bike by thinking you can burn more calories just because it is a fixed gear, that might be the wrong decision to make.

Fixie bike can give you a good workout because you have to keep pedaling, but it can also let your body fatigue much faster compared to riding single speed bike where you have more control over the speed and you can rest your legs while the bike is still moving.

Riding a fixed-gear bike to burn more calories has the same effect as riding a single-speed bike. But fixed bikes are faster compared to single-speed bikes and you can cover a tiny more distance than a single-speed bike.

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Are single-speed bikes good helps you to get lean?

The short answer is yes, riding single-speed bikes is good for a cardio workout, it helps you burn fat, and lose weight while you enjoy riding your bike.

Not just depending on the single speed 

If you looking for quick and effective ways to lose weight from riding single speed bikes, you can ride a single-speed bike at a moderate pace of 14 miles per hour for 8 minutes and try to sprint for 2 minutes straight and continue this 3 times per day, you will burn far more calories than you would by just riding at normal speed.

And overall single-speed bike gives you a good cardio workout, burn fat, and helps you to lose weight but if you need effective results over losing weight, you should concentrate on your diet, if you just ride your bike for 30 minutes per day and expect to lose 10 pounds in a month then you might be disappointed. 

You know what they say about losing weight while riding a bike “workout is only 2-hour discipline but diet is 24-hour discipline” proper consistent workout and Strict diet can help you to reach your goal.

Fixed or single speed Which is better for people over 40 years to lose weight?

It will be a better idea to go with a single-speed bike just because a single-speed bike helps you have more speed control and it is much safer too when compared to a fixed gear bike.

After age 40, the first priority is safety.

Choosing to ride a fixie bike might cause you knee pain since fixed gear has the name itself that says gear is fixed to back wheel, bike-only moves when you keep on pedaling if you pedal backward bike will go backward.

It will be a safer idea to choose single-speed bikes over fixed gear bikes if you are over 40 years.

After choosing which bike to ride don’t forget to have safety gear on (helmet, elbow guard, knee guard, gloves, shoes)

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Diet plan that you can start from today (and cheap too)

An average person eats 3600 calories per day if you want to lose some weight try to eat about 1800 to 2200 calories per day for men and 2000 to 2500 calories for a woman

Since we are talking about losing weight by riding bikes, just riding your bike for a couple of minutes every day around the block for a few months is not going help you to see much results.

You have to follow a certain diet, don’t worry about the budget of diet, I am gonna you a list of foods to eat daily so you can see quick results:

These are items that you can buy from your local grocery stores:

  • Eat more vegetables, eggs for breakfast, bananas to boost energy 
  • Take carbohydrates to fuel energy like rice, sweet potato, porridge 
  • Meat is also good for losing weight because it has high protein and other essential nutritions that help you to lose weight. 
  • Nuts and seeds for healthy fat

Above mentioned food is important for your weight loss by riding bikes, and another important tip, try to eat less junk and processed food and eat more veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds to see some actual results that you will be satisfied with at the end of our journey.

NOTE: I am not an expert in giving diet advice but these are common mistakes that people make unintentionally


In this article, I have compared 2 bikes and I have given you the best one to lose weight on, I hope this article is helpful for you on your journey.

Now that you know which bike helps you to lose weight much faster than other, fixed bike or single-speed bikes, understand this it doesn’t matter which helps you the most if didn’t take any action towards it.

This is the only type of workout where you won’t feel like you actually have to workout instead it is more like a ride on a sunny day, enjoying nature while the wind breezes through your hair.

Key take away:

  • Fixed gear bikes are better to lose some weight 
  • Single-speed bikes are good for cardio workouts 
  • If you are over 40 years go with a single-speed bike (it’s much more reliable and gives you controlled speed to ride on)
  • Following a healthy diet helps you to see some actual results