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Are cruiser bikes good for beginners? Explained!

The most common question that cycling enthusiasts have is, are cruiser bikes good for a beginner rider?

cruiser bikes are simple in mechanism, as you can see the simplicity of the bike makes it beginner-friendly.

The cruiser bikes are heavily customizable you can add a basket, back seat, and seat post, to the bike.

When it comes to riding a bike for beginners, the cruiser bike is just like any other bike option, for beginners the cruiser bike might be the best and most reliable bike to enjoy the riding experience.

Cruiser bikes are easy to use for everyone, because of their simple design and comfort of the bike.

A cruiser bike is not suitable for every terrain, a cruiser bike is built to cruise in it,

It may be good for newbie cyclists but there is a lot more that goes into riding a cruiser bike as a beginner, in this article I will explain in detail, so let’s get started.

Are cruiser bikes good for beginners to learn how to ride a bike?

Yes, cruiser bikes are the best bike to ride as a beginner, the bike offers comfort, and an enjoyable riding experience, for beginner cyclists cruiser bikes are ideal for riding short distances around town but touring and long rides can be more challenging in a cruiser bike since it is built for comfort riding.

When learning to ride a bike, a cruiser can be the easiest and most comfortable bike for you to learn bike riding.

Another reason that makes cruiser bikes as best for beginner bike riders is that the seat post is low handlebars are easy to handle, and most importantly your feet can always touch the ground, so you don’t have to fear falling and hurting yourself.

Cruiser is probably the best simple bike you can find to ride, the cruiser was designed to give you a cruising experience.

One thing about cruiser bikes is that they are only ridable on flat roads or pavement roads, if you are planning to ride cruiser bikes on off-roads or gravel roads, due to its heavy frameset it might not be a good idea.

What type of terrain is best for riding a cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes are simple in mechanism, but they are not built to ride or are not able to ride on certain terrain, which is one of the downsides of cruiser bikes.

Flat roads

All bicycles have purposes of their own and cruise bikes do too, cruiser bikes are designed and built to ride on flat surfaces to get that smooth cruising feel. the bike is built for only comfort and an enjoyable riding experience, Falt roads are the best terrain you can ride on, like for any other bike.

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Cycling parks

Another best place to ride a cruiser bike is in cycling parks, not other bicycle can give you the feeling of relaxation you get when you cruise on the cold breeze blowing to your face surrounded by green trees, riding cruiser bikes in parks or where there is a lot so the tree and meant for riding a bicycle is a good place to cruise.

Cruiser bikes are more recreational bikes rather than a bike used for transportation purposes. It makes you feel good and lets you be more connected to nature and your journey.

Are cruiser bikes good for exercise?

Yes, according to a study from Harvard University, an average cyclist riding at 12 to 13 mp/h for 30 minutes can burn about 290 calories, this applies to all bicycles.

Cruiser bikes are a fun and enjoyable way to burn some calories by not feeling like an actual workout.

When you go to the gym you need to warm up, lift weights, do cardio, and need to maintain a proper diet

But when it comes to cruiser bike riding you won’t even feel like a workout session, sometimes you don’t know how fast can 30 minutes pass by because of the joyful riding.

It is one of those workouts where you don’t feel in a workout session but you have burned a certain amount of calories.

In simple words, gyms are the best place if you want to gain more muscle or lose weight, but riding a cruiser bike for 30 minutes does help you burn calories in an enjoyable way where you wouldn’t feel like an actual workout.

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Types of cruiser bikes you should know as a beginner?

If you thought that cruiser bike was one type of bike you are wrong, there are 3 different types of cruiser bikes in the market, each has its own uniqueness to it, and each bike offers a different specialty and riding experience.

Vintage beach cruiser bike

As the name itself sounds, this beach cruiser bike model goes back to the 1930s, this bike is invented to bring joy and relaxation to cycling enthusiasts in the 1930s, and now it is one of the most popular cruise bike models in the world.

The frame of a beach cruiser bike usually comes around 40 to 60 pounds, due to the heavy frame there is no question about the durability of these beach cruisers, but it can be difficult to ride long-distance or uphill

Multi-speed cruiser bike

As the name itself says, the cruiser bike comes with different gear options, there is a single-speed gear, shifting gears cruiser bike.

Depending on the area and your regular riding terrain you can buy a cruiser bike, riding uphill on a cruiser bike is hard so you need to buy a geared bike, or if you want a bike for flat roads you can go for a single-speed bike.

A multi-speed cruiser bike is like riding a road bike but with lots of comforts and enjoyment of the ride.

Stretch and low-rider cruiser bike

The bike comes with a variety of different frame styles, the frame of this bike is not meant to increase the aerodynamics of the bike nor does it help you to ride fast.

The low-rider cruiser bike frames are close to the ground which gives you that cool bike riding

Experience, the low rider is all about it design of the frame and it became so popular by its uniqueness.

The downside of this model is that you can only ride on flat roads due to the bike’s frames being too low.

The main purpose of this bike is to give you a low bike riding experience and a unique cool feel that only this bike can offer, this bike is only suitable for flat terrain but it looks cool while riding.


The design of the bike is made to ride in comfort, The cruiser bike is built with heavy steel material which makes riding on hilly roads more challenging, due to its heavy frame touring is not reasonable to consider.

Cruiser bikes are best if you want a bike to enjoy your ride in a more fun and relaxing way, this makes the cruiser bikes best for beginners to start cycling, even experienced cyclists choose to ride cruiser bikes because of this it’s simplicity and recreational riding experience.

Key takeaways

  • Yes, cruiser bikes are good for beginners 
  • A cruiser bike can help you burn a moderate amount of calories 
  • Cruiser bike can only be best for flat terrains to ride
  • Cruiser bikes are for fun and relaxation bicycle riding