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Are cruiser bikes good for exercise? (10 Reasons why)

Cruiser bikes are made to give comfort and a cruising experience, like other bikes, Impact-Site-Verification: 465fb187-f88c-4777-b4d8-1ebcbf8fdfa5 cruiser bikes do not have high seats, lightweight frames, and components, or are designed for speed riding, this begs the question are cruiser bikes good for exercise?

Yes, cruiser bikes are good for exercise due to their comfortable riding position. A person can ride for a long time by enjoying the ride. Riding a bicycle at 12 mp/h for 30 minutes a day can burn around 290 calories according to a Harvard University study.

Cruiser bikes are a great way to get some exercise while traveling around town. They’re also an excellent way to burn calories and lose weight. 

As a bonus, cruising around on a bike is a great way to get some fresh air and clear your mind. 

This is the main reason people choose cruiser bikes over other speed bikes.

If you are trying to get a better workout from riding a cruiser bike, there are a lot of things to consider and need to look after before you decide to use a cruiser bike. In this article, you will learn everything you have to know about using cruiser bikes as exercise bikes.

What is a cruiser bike?

Cruiser bikes are a type of bike that have a lower, broader seat and higher handlebars than traditional bikes. 

The low, wide seat and high handlebars make cruiser bikes easier and more comfortable to ride for longer periods of time than traditional upright bikes with higher handlebars. 

Cruiser bikes also have a larger, wider saddle than traditional bikes, which makes them easier to get on and off. Most cruisers have large saddlebags, which makes it easy to bring supplies with you almost anywhere you go.

The low, wide handlebars make it easier for beginners to ride, as their wide and stable design makes it easier to maintain your balance as you become more comfortable riding. Cruiser bikes are a great choice for commuting, shopping, touring, and other casual uses.

Can you lose weight riding a cruiser bike?

Yes! Riding a cruiser bike can help you lose weight, as the easy-to-pedal design makes it easy to burn calories. 

The large seat and wide tires also make it easy to ride for long distances, which means you can ride further and burn more calories in a shorter period of time. The easy-to-pedal design also makes it easier to increase your fitness level as you become more comfortable riding.

As you ride, the gentle motion and the wind against your skin help to burn calories, which is an additional benefit when compared to riding a treadmill or other exercise equipment. 

Because of their low seat and higher handlebars, cruiser bikes are also an easy way for beginners to get in shape.

In simple words, cruiser bikes can help you lose some weight by continuing to ride on a daily basis, if you ride a cruiser bike for 30 minutes, it can burn 290 calories, and if you ride 5 days a week and 4 weeks in a month, you would have burned about 5800 calories in a month, and if you convert  5800 calories into kg, you can burn about 0,750 kg a month. Not bad when you can enjoy the ride and lose weight at the same time.

Some people can burn more calories than mentioned above. It depends on your riding style and terrain you are riding and your fitness level. You may burn more or less, and most importantly it hugely depends on your diet. To see some actual results in a month you need to maintain a strict healthy diet.

10 reasons why cruiser bikes are good for exercise?

Cruiser bikes are the most comfortable bikes you can find

Cruiser bikes are built to offer comfort and cruise around the city, the bike handlebar and seat are designed to get the most luxurious bike riding experience, these bikes were invented in the 1930s since then every cycling enthusiast has looked at a cruiser bike as one of the best bikes of comforts. 

Cruiser bikes are not that expensive compared to other bikes

You buy a good quality cruiser bike on Amazon for 300$ to 400$, these bikes can serve up to a few years, they can handle any type of abuse, and cruisers bikes are pretty durable due to their heavy frameset and durable components when compared to other bikes and comforts, not any other bikes offer this much comfort at moderately cheap price.

Cruiser bike offers a comfortable riding position 

As the name of the bike itself says, the is all about comfort and cruising around, the bike offers a low seat, and wide handlebars allowing the rider to have as much comfortable as possible, the seats on cruiser bikes are soft and wide which a person can sit for longer period of time without having butt soreness, the bike seat has on an upright position with wide handlebars lean towards the rider and not allowing to any shoulder pain.

Cruiser bikes are durable 

 As compared to other bikes, the frame and the components are of fairly high quality, the frame weighs around 30 to 40 pounds, and usually, cruiser bike frames are made of Chromoly or aluminum, there is no doubt about the durability of the cruiser bikes, these bikes can serve you more than 3 years without any major technical problems in the bike.

The cruiser bike has a soft wide seat and comfortable handlebars

The main reason for the comfort of cruiser bikes are their seats and handlebars, the seats have soft cushions and are wider than normal bike seats, which helps the rider to sit and ride for a long time, and the handlebars are designed for comfortable handling of the bike, these handlebars are leaned forward than normal handlebars with raised and curved to comfortably hold the handle for a long time without having shoulder pain to the rider.

you can choose riding intensity in a cruiser bike 

The cruiser bike usually comes with single-speed gearing means there is no gear to shift you have to maintain moderate cadence in order to move at an average speed regardless of uphill and downhill roads, cruiser bikes also come with 3-speed and 7-speed shifters, these shifter allow you to change gear according to the terrain which can save a lot energy, if it is flat roads you can shift to higher gearing to go faster, if you are on an uphill road you can shift to lower gearing to pedal without putting to much pressure on your legs.

Cruiser bikes are easy to maintain

Cruiser bikes are simple in mechanism and in riding also, anybody can get used to riding cruiser bikes quickly, the bike typically comes with single speed gear ratio you don’t have to pay extra attention to the maintenances of these bikes, once a couple of weeks you have to lubricate your chain and if you rode you cruiser on a rainy day or in mud trails you might have to wash and clean your tires and drivetrain, expect that there isn’t much left to maintain on this bike.

Cruiser bikes beginner-friendly

Any beginner cycle rider or kid can learn to ride cruiser bikes pretty quickly since the bike seat post is low and the handlebars are close to holding this makes anybody feel comfortable, and one more important fact is that while sitting on the bike an average adult can easily touch the ground by their feet it reduces the fear of falling off from the bike.

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Cruiser bikes allow you to ride for a long time without causing fatigue to your body

Since the bike’s main motto is to give comfort to the rider the components are also built in the same way, as I said earlier the seat of the cruiser bike is soft and has more cushion, so you can ride for hours without feeling you’re bottom sore or you back hurting, and since handlebars are close to the rider there is no problem of should or back pain while riding cruiser bike.

Cruiser bikes are universal use 

Anybody can ride cruiser bikes without feeling much more complicated about the bike or fear of falling and hurting themselves, kids, adults, men, women, and even senior people can also easily get used to riding cruiser bikes because of their simplicity and comfort.

What should you look for when buying a cruiser bike for exercise purposes?

The frame of the bike

The frame of the cruiser bike is designed in a way that it can easily support the weight of the rider and the bike itself, the material used in the cruiser bike frame is heavy-duty steel or aluminum, both these materials are strong and able to support the weight of the rider and the bike itself. The frame of the cruiser bike is the backbone of the bike and without a strong frame, the cruiser bike is nothing but a piece of junk. 

Gearing of the bike

The gearing of the cruiser bike refers to the number of gears that are available on the bike, the more the number of gears, the easier it is to shift from one gear to another, and the smoother the ride. The gearing of the cruiser bike is a major factor when buying a cruiser bike, since the higher the number of the gears, the more efficient it is. 

Components of the bike

The components of a cruiser bike include the frame, which holds the wheels and pedals, and the seat, which is where you sit on the bike. The frame of a cruiser bike is built with a large diameter, which is designed to accommodate riders of different heights. Cruise bikes typically come equipped with adjustable seats, which allow you to find the riding position that is most comfortable for you. In addition to the seat, the frame of a cruiser bike is built with a wide range of adjustments, which allow you to fine-tune the position of your seat to suit your height.

Right size for your height

Choosing the right bike size is an important first step in learning to ride. When you first get on the bike, it will feel like your bike is too small or too big, but after a few minutes, you’ll start to understand how far you can lean, how much weight you can carry, and how responsive the bike is. This is your body is introduced to the bike and learns how to operate it. To find the right fit, you need to find your height in relation to a normal reference table.

Locate the size chart for your cruiser bike or cruiser bike frame style on this page to determine which size to order. The size chart will tell you what size to order if you’re planning on keeping the bike for the long term. For instance, if you’re a tall person and plan on keeping the bike for a short while, we recommend ordering the next size up. The size chart will also be helpful in determining your best fit if you’re on the border of a size.

Price of the bike

The next step is to find a cruiser bike that fits your price range. You can find cruises that start as low as $300, but we recommend sticking to bikes that are $500 or higher. The reason for this is that cheaper bikes are often made with lower quality parts which means that they may not last as long or may not be as comfortable. On the other hand, more expensive cruisers are often made with higher quality parts which means that they will last longer and will usually be more comfortable.


Is a cruiser bike good for long-distance?

The short answer is yes, but it depends on the bike. A cruiser bike is a great option for short-distance bike transportation since they are generally less expensive than mountain bikes and offer a lower center of gravity, making them easier to control.

However, long-distance cruisers are also a viable option, as long as you are comfortable carrying your bike upstairs and dealing with heavier bikes. For those who are interested in pursuing long-distance bike transportation, we recommend doing some research and trying out an available model in your area to find out if it is right for you.

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Our cruiser bikes uphill riding?

The short answer is yes. Cruisers are designed to be comfortable and easy to ride, which makes them a great choice for long-distance riding. However, if you are a new rider, we recommend starting off with a cruiser that is at least 20\” in diameter. This will allow you to get comfortable with the bike and learn its handling characteristics.

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Are cruiser bikes beginners friendly?

Yes, cruiser bikes are great for beginner cyclists since it has a simple mechanism that makes it easy to ride a bike.

Cruiser bikes are great for beginner bike riders, which allow them to sit comfortably in an upright position and reduce the fear of falling off the bike because while riding cruiser bikes you can easily touch the ground with your feet.

Does a cruiser bike make a good commuting bike?

If you are looking for a bike that is going to help you commute to work, then a cruiser is a good option for you. The main benefit of using a cruiser as a commuter bike is that they are generally more affordable than mountain bikes and offer a lower center of gravity, making them easier to control. 

On top of that, cruiser bikes are also a good choice for commuters since they are more comfortable and offer more storage space than mountain bikes, which makes them easier to transport. However, a cruiser bike is not the best choice for commuters if you are planning on doing a lot of uphill riding.

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in general, cycling is considered a good and fun way to stay fit, cycling is fun to ride and easy to burn some extra calories in a more enjoyable way.

Beach cruiser bikes are comfortable and easy to ride bikes if you plan to ride a couple of times a week and maintain a good diet, you can expect results in a month.