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Are cruiser bikes good for long-riding? all you need to know

Cruiser bikes are classy, the bikes are designed to be comfortable over long-distance rides and are often used for touring. So, this brings us to the question, are cruiser bikes good for long-distance rides? 

Yes and no, No because cruiser bikes are built for cruising around with a comfortable riding posture, and yes, you can use cruiser bikes for long rides up to 10 to 15 miles without any problem, but the heavy frame and components on cruisers make it hard to ride long distances.

Cruiser bikes are beginner-friendly, most cruiser bikes come with single-speed gear which is simple and easy to ride on.

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The majority of people do not prefer cruiser bikes for long rides, that is because it was not meant for long-ride use.

But some people use cruise bikes for short-distance commuting as well, it is possible to ride up to certain miles, but not as reliable as road bikes.

Cruiser bikes are often thought of as being better suited for short distances and light riding. However, the truth is that many cruiser bikes are also very capable long-distance bikes. In fact, some cruiser bikes even make great daily drivers, with plenty of adjustment options allowing you to make the bike fit your needs.

Can you ride long distances on a cruiser bike?

It is totally possible to ride a cruiser bike for 15 to 20 miles but more than that just makes it hard for the rider to pedal forward.

The frame of the cruiser bike typically comes around 40 to 60 pounds, these frames are stretched and unique in design from other bikes.

The top tube of the cruiser bike’s frame is slightly bent down and the handlebars are not built for long rides but for comforts to give you the most comfortable riding experience.

The cruiser bike comes with more components, more components equal more weight, and the wide seat on the bike is made for a comfortable seated position because other bike seats are common to make their butt sore to the riders.

In final words, cruiser bikes are also very capable of riding long-distance. In fact, some cruiser bikes even make great daily drivers, with plenty of adjustment options allowing you to make the bike fit your needs.

But you can’t expect to ride long rides on cruiser bikes as you would on road bikes, for up to 20 miles max you can pedal after that due to the heavy weight of the bike makes it hard to ride beyond certain miles.

How many miles is good for a long ride on a cruiser bike?

Some people have used their cruiser bikes as touring bikes managing to ride an average of 40 miles a day.

And some people have ridden electric cruiser bikes for more than 60 miles a day, but if we are just talking about non-electric cruiser bikes you can easily ride up to more than 20 miles in a day at a single speed without making your body fatigued.

When you are using multi-speed cruiser bikes, it will be easy for you to shift gears according to the terrain.

Most cruiser bikes are not good for uphill riding, when you have the option to switch gears it will be a lot easier for you to ride hilly terrains.

If you are planning to buy a cruiser to use for 20 miles commuting every day, make sure to buy a lightweight frameset bike and remove the fender, and other unwanted things as well to make the bike lightweight.

4 reasons why cruiser bikes are not good for long-distance rides?

Cruiser bikes are often seen as the go-to bike for long-distance rides, and while they can be suitable for some riders, they’re not the best choice for longer trips. 

The reason cruiser bikes aren’t ideal for longer rides is that they don’t have the same gearing as mountain bikes, which means riders have to pedal more, which gets tiring after a while.

Wide Tires

The cruiser bikes come with wide tires, which is suitable for all terrains and you won’t be facing flat tires more often because the wide tires are durable and long-lasting due to their thickness and wider size, but this is the problem when you take cruiser bikes for long rides.


Apparently, the handlebars on cruiser bikes are not made for long rides, instead, it was built for comfort and it is hard to hold the handle in that position for a long time this is one of the drawbacks of using a cruiser bike for long rides.

The frame of the bike

The cruiser bike frame typically weighs around 30 to 40 pounds, yes, this frame has durability in it but due to its heavy weight, riding long rides with heavy frames will consume more energy than other bikes.

Comfortable riding positions 

While riding cruiser bikes you have to pedal from your lower body, you can’t use your whole body energy to pedal because, these bike seats are lower and handlebars are higher and much closer to the body, which makes it hard to use your whole body power.


Single-speed or geared cruiser bike good for long rides?

Most cruiser bikes come with a single-speed gear option, it is the most commonly known gear ratio for cruiser bikes.

The single-speed gear is best suitable for flat roads, and it is also good for beginner riders since it does not involve shifting gear often is easy to maintain, and has the simplest mechanism.

Gear cruiser bikes help you to ride hilly roads, and when you want to commute on a daily basis gear cruiser will definitely help you, not only that gear cruiser bike takes less energy than single-speed bikes, single speed, you have to pedal at the same cadence on all type of roads

In a geared cruiser you can shift gears depending on the road, it helps you to use your energy more efficiently than a single-speed bike.

To answer the question of gear or single speed for a cruiser bike, if you plan to use a cruiser bike for your daily commute, geared cruiser bikes will be the best option for you.

Or if you want to use a cruiser bike for a recreational bike riding experience then single-speed will do good.


Are cruiser bikes beginners friendly?

Cruiser bikes are a great option for beginners since it is easier to learn how to ride a cruiser than a standard road bike. The riding position is lower and more relaxed than a road bike, which makes it comfortable and easy to learn. 

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Is a cruiser bike hard to ride?

No, cruiser bikes are the easiest bikes to ride, the frame top tube is bent downwards which means you can get on and off the bike easily.

What is a cruiser bike good for?

Cruiser bikes are an ideal option for daily commutes, leisure rides, and even light exercise. With the wide variety of cruiser bikes available in the market, choosing the best cruiser bike for you isn’t difficult. However, before you purchase a cruiser bike, make sure to know what are the best uses of a cruiser bike. Are you looking for a cruiser bike for leisure or exercise?

Which requires more energy cruiser bikes or geared bikes?

In a cruiser bike, you don’t have to pedal at a higher cadence like in a road bike to keep up with the speed of the traffic, instead, you can just keep a slower pace, to conclude geared bikes require and consume more energy than a cruiser bike.

How long can you ride on a cruiser bike?

You can ride a cruiser bike for 20 to 4 miles a day but it depends on your fitness level, the terrain you are riding in, and the type of riding type you have. But you can easily ride a cruiser bike for 20 miles on average.

Is a cruiser bike good for exercise?

Yes! Cruising on a bike is one of the best ways to get fit. Unlike running or other cardio exercises, cycling is low-impact and can be done anywhere. You can commute to work on a bike, ride for fun, race competitively, or ride for both.

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Now you know that a cruiser bike is a bike designed for leisurely, comfortable rides. The style is typically a bike with wide tires, comfortable seats, and low frame geometry that’s best suited for cruising rather than long riding. 

Most cruisers are built for comfort and are typically used for riding to work and around town, Many cruiser bikes are also versatile enough to be used for sport riding, commuting, and even extended touring.