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Can you Tour on a gearless bicycle on Indian roads?

Bicycle touring is a great way to see a new place, learn about history and culture, and meet people along the way. It’s one of the most popular ways to travel and explore different countries.

Touring in a gearless bike means you don’t have to worry about changing gears all the time, gearless bikes are simple, of course, since it has no gear you might find it difficult to ride uphill or on adventures terrains.

Gearless bikes are nothing but single-speed bikes or fixed gear bikes. which has only one gear option, is called a gearless bike.

Gearless bikes are easy to maintain and less expensive than geared bikes. Gearless bikes are also ideal for those who want to cover longer distances faster but don’t want to worry about shifting gears along the way.

If you are on a tight budget gearless is the best option for touring on Indian roads. 

Are you planning a long-distance tour on a gearless bike? Here’s everything you need to know about them.

How to choose the best gearless bike for touring on Indian roads

Gearless bikes have been around for a while now. They are cheaper and lighter than the traditional geared bike. Gearless bikes have a few advantages over traditional geared bikes.

A gearless bike is easier to maintain, as there are fewer parts that can break down. The gearless drivetrain is also more efficient, which means that you will get better range and won’t need to pedal as hard to maintain a certain speed.

The only downside of this type of bike is that you may need to pedal harder when going uphill, and when going on descending roads pedals will have no cadence meaning you won’t have the power to pedal at more speed.

When choosing gearless bikes for touring there is not much to be considered, firstly gearless bikes come with one gear option, they are simple and easy to maintain, and some are lightweight too. But the problem is when going on touring gearless bikes cannot support you in all-terrain.

In a gearless bike, you always have to keep pedaling, you can’t ride your bike at high speed because of its one gear option.

Gearless bikes are best when you are carrying heavy luggage with you on the tour, you won’t feel much pressure on your body to pedal, but gearless bikes seem to move at a moderate speed, gearless bikes can move at an average of  20 kmp to 30 kmp with luggage weight around 5 to 9 kgs, not bad for gearless bike, you definitely have smooth riding experience.

Bikes for touring on Indian roads?

Gearless bicycles are the best choice for long-distance touring. They are reliable, easy to maintain, and suitable for all terrains and weather conditions. 

The majority of people prefer gear bikes for touring just because it gives multiple options to change gears as per our requirements and terrain needs.

The best gearless bicycle for long-distance touring is the one that best suits your needs and preferences. 

Do you want a bike that is comfortable to ride on paved roads and smooth trails?

Or do you prefer a bike that is designed for rough terrain and off-road riding?

Or do you want a bike that is lightweight and easy to carry so that you can explore new places without having to worry about lifting it?

Gearless bikes are reliable for every question above mentioned when it comes ot buying a gearless bike there are a lot of cheap single-speed bikes available but those are definitely not reliable for long-distance touring.

In final words, gearless bikes make it easier to plan your routes and avoid hills, as there is no need to pedal. However, if you are looking for a traditional bicycle that is cheaper, more lightweight, and easier to maintain, you should consider the traditional geared bicycle.

Is a gearless bike good for touring?

Gearless bikes are the best because of their gear option, and they are simple and easy to maintain or ride on all types of terrains, you might not move at high speed on gearless but when you are touring it gives you enough satisfactory speed.

But most people go with the geared bikes for touring, geared bikes are easy to ride compared to gearless because in the geared bike you have other gears you can switch depending on terrain, but in gearless you have to pedal for all types of terrain this can be energy-consuming.

When it comes to simplicity and maintenance of the bike, gearless bikes are the best, but if you want a ride without wasting much energy, or you need to cover more distance fast then a geared bike is best for you.

Gear vs gearless which is best for touring on Indian roads?

Even though Indian roads are known to have unstable, and difficult roads but when you are touring on Indian highways you can ride peacefully without any traffic or people.

In simple words, you can use a gear or gearless bike it does not matter that much because it depends on you and your preference to ride in.

If you are experienced with a geared bike then you can ride a geared bike or you have a gearless bike and you want to tour in it, it is possible but make sure your bike is of good quality, reliable, durable because having bicycle breakdown on the middle of the highway is annoying.


You can definitely tour on a gearless bike but make sure the bike is in mint condition, tires are new and the bike is actually reliable for long usage by testing out by riding 40 to 60 km per week before you take your gearless bike on tour.

The only way to know which is the best bike for is to actually try riding it for a couple of miles, you can call it testing time, in this time you will test your bike and your body ability to ride the bike it might be gear or gearless bikes.

In final words, it is totally possible to ride gearless tours on Indian roads, but the question becomes are you ready for it, are you physically ready for your adventure regardless of the bike you are riding, it is not necessarily to be a gearless bike if you feel more comfortable in gear bike you can definitely go with that one.

Regardless of what you chose you can have a smooth touring experience on both bikes, happy touring.

Key takeaways

  • Gearless bikes are good for touring on Indian roads
  • If you need to cover more distance or you need a comfortable ride you can choose a geared bike
  • Make sure the bike is the right size for you, (yes bike size matters while touring)
  • Yes, You can definitely tour on Indian roads as long as you stick to highways.