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Hybrid bike vs Road bike vs Mountain bike, Which is good for fitness?

There are many types of bikes available in the market. However, not all of them are good for working out and burning calories.

Some bikes are designed to be used for different purposes, like being able to help you burn calories. But, not all bikes can do this.

And not all of them bikes are suitable for every individual to reach their fitness goals, when it comes to fitness every person has a different perspective, for some fitness is building muscles, and for others, it is burning calories, and for some people, it is losing weight.

Biking works the quadriceps, hamstrings, calf muscles, and core, you can definitely build your lower body more than the upper body in biking.

Today we will be looking at hybrid bikes, road bikes, and mountain bikes, and discussing which one is the best for fitness, or does all of these bikes help you to get fit?

Let’s dive in to find out.

Is Riding a bicycle good for fitness?

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get exercise. It is a fun and healthy way to commute, and it has many other benefits, excellent cardiovascular workout, and it also strengthens your muscles and bones, can help lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and even improves your mood. 

To make it clear, cycling helps you to get a lean body, and burn off extra calories and fat, with fun. you really don’t feel like a workout when you are biking, and it is recreational too.

According to Harvard University cycling at a moderate speed of 12 to 13.9 miles per hour (19.3 km/p to 22.3 km/p) for 155 pounds (70 kg) person for about riding 30 minutes can burn 298 calories. Still, the same weighted person riding at 14 to 16 miles per hour (22.5 to 25.7 km/p) can burn up to 372 calories. (pedaling faster burns more calories)

Another great thing about cycling is that it puts less strain on the body when compared to running, or going to the gym when you are doing it right. 

Some people think that cycling put pressure on the knees and legs, but that is not true. if you know how to ride a bike properly.

The same Glasgow university researchers studied over 2,60,000 people for 5 years and found that people who rode a bicycle to work can cut the risk of heart disease or cancer by 50% and other health problems too.

It is no wonder that cycling is the second most popular sport after football in the UK and that in some parts of the world, it is a sport that is played by almost every person at some age in their life.

Are road bikes for fitness?

Road bikes are lightweight with aerodynamic design and have thin and slick tiers that are built for speed, on average road bike weighs 17 to 33 lbs (8 to 15 kg), which makes perfect instrument for fitness to work on cardiovascular, and also work on endurance.

Road bikes are a type of bicycle designed for cycling on paved surfaces, such as streets and bike paths. These bikes are not designed for off-road cycling. 

Road bikes are usually built lighter than mountain bikes, which makes them faster and easier to control.

They are also more aerodynamic than other types of bicycles. A road bike also refers to a bicycle with a drop handlebar, as opposed to the more common or standard flat handlebar.

The one thing that stands out when it comes to road bikes is that they are built to cover long distances at high speeds, when you ride for a long time at a higher speed you burn more calories than mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

Riding a road bike will not help you build upper body muscles instead it can build leg muscles over time.

Are hybrid bikes good for fitness?

Hybrid bikes are adaptable to all types of terrains, with their wide tires and heavier and shorter frameset giving more room for comfortness and long riding, After all, hybrid bikes are not built for speed like a road bike but they can still give you a good workout and improver your cardiovascular health and burn off that extra fat.

On average hybrid bikes weighs about 25 to 35 lbs (11.3 to 15.8 kg)

you can ride hybrid bikes on roads, light gravel, grass, mud, sand, due to its wide tires and shorter chain wheel, and higher gears, you find it hard to ride on any terrain.

hybrid bikes can handle a little bit of off-roading too, but do not expect to ride it in most extreme high altitude steep mountain bike trails, it is just a hybrid bike.

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Fitness bikes like road bikes or triathlon bikes are particularly built for fitness purposes, in those you can travel a long way with speed and frame designed to be lightweight and comfortable so you can put your full body energy into the pedal.

On the other hand bikes like hybrid bikes can help to get you fit and burn calories, one thing that stands out in hybrid bikes is that they are versatile and adaptable for all different terrains but not suitable for most mountain bike trails.

Are mountain bikes good for fitness?

Mountain bikes are the best way to get in shape with fun, mountain biking burns as much as 343 calories for 30 30-minute rides, study shows that 1 hour of riding can burn anywhere from 300 -1400 calories.

Mountain bikes work on more muscle groups than hybrid and road bikes do, because incline riding forces you to use leg muscles to climb uphill, and decline riding works on the arms, shoulder, chest, and abdomen, sometimes you may need to carry your bike if there is a fallen tree, or rocks blocking your path, this gives you extra workout on your whole body as well.

Mountain bike seats are lower compared to any other bike, thus it forces you to pedal from your knee, which builds thigh muscles and works on the abs and core muscles.

Due to the mountain bike frame design most of the time you need to pedal from a standing position when climbing up, which automatically works on more muscle groups than cardiovascular.

How often should you ride a bike for good exercise or get in/stay in shape?

As with any other physical activity, the best way to determine how often you should ride your bike for good exercise or get in/stay in shape is to vary your routine. If cycling is new to you, aim for 1-2 times a week. For those of you who are cyclists and want more intensity and muscle work, aim for 3-4 times per week. And if weightlifting is your thing, try lifting weights 2-3 times per week.

The most important part of a good workout regimen is consistency – make sure to set realistic goals that you can achieve within an acceptable timeframe (i.e., no longer than 60 minutes). Sooner rather than later will likely be better since prolonged sitting increases the risk of many diseases including obesity and heart disease.

A study conducted by the University of Glasgow found that cycling for just 20 minutes three times a week can significantly improve your health. The researchers discovered that people who cycled for at least 20 minutes three times a week were less likely to develop cancer or die prematurely than those who didn’t cycle at all.

However, some people may have difficulty exercising because they don’t have access to a bike or live in an area where cycling is too dangerous. For these individuals, there are many other ways they can still get their exercise in without having to ride a bike.

It’s good for your heart, Cycling is not just good for your weight and health, it also has a positive impact on your heart. Research conducted by the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health showed that people who ride long-distance bike races have lower rates of death from cardiac causes than those who don’t bike at all.

How many miles is a good workout bike ride?

A good workout bike ride will depend on the intensity of your workout. A bike ride that is too short may not be challenging enough and a bike ride that is too long may be exhausting.

30 minutes of biking is considered a good workout, and it is important to keep in mind that your intensity will vary depending on your fitness level. 

Begin by cycling at a slow pace for the first 10-15 minutes, and then increase the speed gradually as you become more comfortable. 

Remember to breathe deeply and regularly, maintain good posture while riding, and avoid wearing heavy clothing or shoes that would hinder movement.

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Is a 5-mile bike ride good exercise?

A 5-mile bike ride can be a great way to get exercise, but you should pace yourself accordingly. Riding too fast or too hard might not be the best idea if you’re new to biking and don’t feel confident on the bike. 

Start with a slower speed and gradually work your way up over time as you become more comfortable. Make sure to take plenty of breaks during your ride for rest, hydration, and nutrition. A healthy diet is also important for maintaining health throughout your cycling journey.

You might take 25 to 30 minutes for your 5-mile ride, but on average you will burn about 350 calories in a 5-mile ride, let’s say you do this 3 to 4 times a week, and with good nutritious food and well rest you are already on the way to good fitness level or losing some weight or burning that fat.

A 5-mile bike ride is good exercise because it helps you to maintain your fitness levels. It also helps in improving your cardiovascular health.


Hybrid bikes are a great option for fitness because they allow you to ride on the road and off-road. They’re comfortable, efficient, easy to handle, and have low weight limits so almost anyone can use them.

Road bikes are best for recreational riders who want fast but stable bikes. They’re versatile enough to use on roads or trails and tend to be lightweight so you don’t experience heavy fatigue when cycling long distances. Mountain bikes are perfect for those who love exercising outdoors in mountainous terrain.

Key Takeaways

  • To put it in simple words if you are a beginner and looking to get into fitness with cycling the hybrid bike will suit you the best.
  • If you have a lot of experience biking then a road bike will be the best option since a road bike is fast and built for long-distance riding it will burn more calories in less time.
  • If you are looking for fun and good exercise then nothing can be more fun and exciting than a mountain bike, it also gives you a good full-body workout compared to hybrid and road bikes.