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Can You Install Baby Seats On Cruiser Bikes? (Yes, but know How)

Cruiser bikes are good for riding around town, they are also good for getting some fresh air in the morning while riding a bike and that is what cruises are made for, to offer the most comfort and luxury while riding a bike.

Most women prefer cruiser bikes over any other bike, because of their easy-to-ride and cruising experience. 

And since cruiser bikes make an easy and safe bike to ride for adults and babies as well, compared to other bikes on the market, this begs the question of whether can you install a baby seat on a cruiser bike and how to install them.

Yes, cruiser bikes are comfortable and safe to ride with kids, and most cruiser bikes are built to install a baby seat, but for cruiser bikes, the rear seat is more suitable for the frame design of a cruiser bike.

Rear seats are much more reliable, safe, and comfortable for kids or babies, you can install rear seats on most of the bikes since the cruiser bikes don’t have a straight top tube it install a baby seat there, but you easily install the baby seat on the rear since cruise bike has back seat to hold the baby seats.

Can you install a baby seat on any bikes?

Yes, any bicycle with as triangle frame design and has a rear seat rack to hold the baby seat is possible to install a baby seat to those bikes, for example:

  • Cruiser bike
  • Hybrid bike
  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Or the bikes which allow fitting rear seat rack to the bike, are ok to install baby seats.

The bikes on which you cannot install baby seats:

  • Folding bike
  • BMX bike
  • Bikes which has small wheels

To attach a baby seat to your bike, all you need is a rear bike rack that holds the baby seats safely.

Most commonly known bikes come with a triangle frameset that can easily attach to the rear seat rack of the bike.

But it depends on you, what bike is most suited to ride and what bike you feel more comfortable riding in, when you are planning to ride with your kids, it is better if you choose flat terrain to ride because the cruiser bikes are built for cruising around it can’t handle rough terrain and it won’t be smooth riding also.

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Are cruiser bikes good to ride with a baby? 

Cruiser bikes were designed to be comfortable for the rider and carry a baby. Cruiser bikes are designed to cruise, so they are often used by adults mainly women. Cruiser bikes are usually equipped with a rear bike seat.

Cruise bikes offer a good riding experience, with an upright riding position and wide handlebar, this makes a rider feel luxurious and easy to ride for everyone, even if they are beginners or pros in riding bicycles.

Cruiser bikes might be the best option to ride with your kids. Because the rider feels comfortable which results in riding for a longer time than other bikes, cruiser bikes are safe and easy to pedal to.

How old is too old to ride with baby seats?

Your kid should be at least more than 12 months older and under 6 years of age, this is because carrying a baby over 6 years of age can add a little extra weight for you.

Kids over 6 years should ride on trailers, with a trailer it is easy to pedal, but with the baby seat strap behind your back, the baby or kids cannot be more than 6 years old.

If you have a trailer you can ride with one or two kids, the trailer can hold up to 40 pounds, a trailer comes with one seat and a two-seater but it’s always a good idea to buy a good quality trailer.

Child seat buying guide

A baby seat is a device that attaches to the front or rear of a bike, allowing for the safe transportation of a child. There are different types of seats on the market and it’s important to choose one that will meet your needs.

This guide will help you choose the best seat for your needs. I will cover things like:

The different types of seats:

What you need to consider when buying a seat for your child

The best baby seats on the market

1, The different types of seats:

There are 3 types of child seats available to buy to ride on a bike, they are:

  • Rear mount seat:

Rear mount seats are common, and they can attach to any bike with a triangle frame design, rear mount seats are what most people use, and they are easy for the rider and comfortable for the baby too, this seat can be attached to rear seat rach of the bike and some rear seat you can attach to seat post itself, another good thing about rear mounts is that you can protect you, child, from strong front winds you will be a barrier to your child, but one drawback is that you cannot always keep an eye on your baby.

  • Front mount seat:

Front mount seats are good for bikes that have a triangle frame, but when you’re riding a Cruiser bike you cannot mount it on the front seat, because the cruise bike top tube of the frame is bent all the way down, so this makes front mount is not an option for cruiser bikes, and other advantages of front mount seats are you can always keep an eye on your child, balancing will be easier, you can easily get off the bike, and you can manage to have 2 child seats on 1 bike.

  • Trailers for the bikes

Trailers are another great option to take your kids for a ride on a bike, the trailer is probably better than rear and front mounts because you can take your kids on a trailer, usually, the trailer can hold up to 50 pounds in weight so your kids must be under 8 years, but compared to the front or rear mount seat trailer are great, you can carry other items in trailer other then your kids, a trailer comes in handy more than mount seats.

What you need to consider when buying a seat for your child:


When it comes to buying items that you are going to use for the baby or for kids, safety becomes the number one priority, baby seats have 3 straps, one buckle strap goes from the shoulders to the waist of the baby, one strap for both legs and the final strap is in front of the baby to hold, This is enough for any baby to put still while riding a bike. 

And it is compulsory to buy a little helmet for your little ones, anybody who rides a bike should wear a helmet whether is for kids or adults, so the helmet is important for your kids too.

Child’s comfort:

Most baby seats sold on Amazon are priced between 100 to 200$ plus, most of these baby seats offer an integrated cooling, safety guard around babies, and cushioned seat pad. And also baby seats have sculpted padding to allow airflow so they don’t sweat or feel hot. And seat post has a width of 25 to 33 mm for your kid to sit comfortably, and seat padding as little extra cushioning for speed bumps, these seats are made of lightweight polypropylene which is strong material for a baby seat.   


Item durability:

Most baby seats are made from high-quality plastic materials like polypropylene, and polyethylene, let’s say if accidentally baby falls with the seat itself, the seat will not crack or break which keeps the baby safe and secures all the time, most of the baby seats are washable, cushioned padded seats, you can use these baby seat as long as you use the same bike.

The best baby seats on the market:

The budget-friendly, safest, and most durable baby seat is the Schwinn Deluxe Bicycle Mounted Bike Seat For Children, Toddlers, and Kids, these brands offer a good quality baby seat that is trusted by thousands of people, and in the Amazon reviews one lady claims that this same baby seat has saved her child life, this product as 5-star ratings and bought by over 4,500 people all over the globe, and people seem to trust these brand because of it’s durability and reliability of use and fairly priced this makes the product affordable for everyone.


Cruiser bikes are good to ride with your little ones, A cruiser bike is a type of bike that is easy to ride for everyone, and don’t have to fear falling off the bike because any rider and touch the ground with their feet, this reduces the fear of falling off the bike, and builds the confidence of you riding safely with you kids.

The suitable terrain for cruiser bikes is flat roads, on the flat road, you can experience smooth riding with comforting riding positions.

when you are using a cruise bike to ride with your kids you have only 2 options, which are rear mount baby seats or a trailer for the bike, due to the cruiser bike frame design the top tube of the bike will be bent all the way to the down, so this makes front baby seat is not an option.

Now you know that cruiser bikes are perfect for riding with your child, easy to ride, and the safest bike compared to other bikes, enjoy your ride with your kids.